Marina Geronazzo


I’m like most Canadians. Working hard, paying bills, getting kids through various stages of life, and trying to save something for retirement. Sound familiar?


I was wondering if there was a better way to optimize my future. That’s when I discovered the Insured Retirement Plan. That’s when I really took hold of my financial future and the accelerated growth possible.


I was so impressed, I undertook the requirements to become an Independent Advisor and share this transformative opportunity with everyone. That was several years ago, and it has been the most rewarding experience of my life – it could also be yours.


What people are saying about the IRP and Marina...


“It’s like being able to create your own pension plan, except it’s tax-free so it’s even better.”

Stephanie and Tony Pennetta


“It’s the perfect plan – you protect what is important now and develop tax-free income for your future.”

Camille Fowler


“Protecting our family and growing a tax-free income for our future just made sense to us.”

Kelly and Darin Meyers

“When we saw how the plan can work for us over time, it made sense to get started right away so we could protect our family and gain a greater amount of tax-free income later in life.”

Andrea Morrow and Daniel Delgado Rodriguez

“Meeting Marina was a gift. She focuses on getting to know you, what you are passionate about and how she can help you. Our first meeting was beyond what I expected. Anyone interested in lifetime tax free income, I would encourage you to connect with her. She will make sure you are cared for.”

Mona Cooley

“Marina brings a level of openness that is rare and will be totally honest with you when discussing your options. She will present you with ideas that will bring long term benefits to you and your financial situation and will do so in a way that is easy to understand. It is worth the time to give Marina a call to discuss your options.”

Bill Leesman